Oster Professional
& Oster Pet Cordless Clippers

We had the pleasure of capturing the Oster Professional & Pet Cordless Clippers as we crafted a series of dynamic videos and photos showcasing multiple SKUs, highlighting the precision and innovation behind the clippers. Our multimedia approach breathed life into these products, engaging the audience with stunning visuals and informative narratives, making it a resounding success in promoting the brand's excellence.



Video Production


Photo Processing

Feature Videos

In our video productions for Oster Professional Cordless Clippers, we skillfully demonstrated the versatile applications of various clipper styles, providing an insightful guide for barbershop professionals. These videos not only showcased the ergonomic design and impeccable finish of the clippers but also elucidated their practical usage, empowering viewers with valuable insights into the product's functionality and aesthetics.


In our photography efforts, these visually immersive images expertly depicted the techniques and precise applications of each Oster Professional Cordless Clipper, bridging the gap between product functionality and real-world usage. Our photography showcased the clippers' performance and also brought to life the genuine experiences of professionals in their everyday work environments.


Through the synergy of captivating videos and immersive photography, we effectively communicated the product's versatility, design excellence, and practical application, leaving a lasting impact and enhancing the brand's market presence.