Sur La Table

Mon Chateau reached out to Spark to help launch their new Sur la table line of small kitchen appliances internationally. Work included creating packaging, photography, instruction manuals, recipe books, recipe videos and the website, all in multiple languages.


Packaging & Instruction Manuals

Spark helped develop a template to be used for the instruction manuals and quick start guides, and roll-out the packaging design for over 10 SKUs in multiple languages. Each SKU included photography, design, production and translations.

Website Design

Spark was able to utilize all of the assets that were created for the packaging and convert that into an easy to use, dynamic and informative website that allows customers to learn about products and provide customer support for purchased products.

Social Media Videos

Spark team developed over 25 recipe videos to help showcase the many delicious recipes that are featured in the Sur la table recipe books as a way of promoting the products and creating an online buzz around their launches.


Sur la table small appliances has successfully launched worldwide in multiple retail channels and continues to grow it’s presence in the industry as a quality small kitchen appliance option.