The Spark team is fortunate enough to work with one of the most recognizable and quality brands in the world, Michelin. First Brands Group hired Spark to help grow their North American business with Michelin wiper blades, portable chargers, tire inflators and more through sales presentations, videos, merchandising displays, packaging and advertising.



The Spark team help develop a line of auto safety accessories using the Michelin brand standards. Spark has also developed packaging for wiper blades with Michelin and private label branding.


A big part of wiper blade purchases has to do with the in-store displays. Spark has helped develop multiple displays over the years to help Michelin wiper blades and other Michelin accessories perform at point of sale.

Commercial Videos

Spark has developed a series of videos to showcase the features and benefits of Michelin wiper blades both at point of sale and through online and print advertising.


Michelin wiper blades and safety accessories sales continue to grow in the North American channels. Spark is proud of the work we’ve done to help First Brands Group with that success.