Oneida Cutlery & Flatware

With Oneida Cutlery and Flatware, we've embarked on a multifaceted endeavor encompassing photography, packaging design, and in-store displays. Through our lens, we meticulously captured the intricate details and craftsmanship of Oneida's exquisite cutlery and flatware collections, ensuring that their elegance and quality shine through in every image.



In Store Displays


Photo Processing


In the photography segment of our project for Oneida Cutlery and Flatware, we undertook a comprehensive approach by producing both lifestyle and silo photos. The lifestyle photos conveyed the products in real-life scenarios, showcasing their practicality and elegance in everyday use, while the silo photos focused on capturing the intricate details and design features of each item. This dual approach ensured that our photography not only highlighted the aesthetic appeal of Oneida's cutlery and flatware but also provided a complete visual narrative that resonated with customers seeking both inspiration and product-specific information.


In the realm of display merchandising for Oneida Cutlery and Flatware, our expertise shone through as we tailored innovative solutions for Kohl's. We strategically crafted efficient and space-saving merchandising setups made it easy for customers to shop and simplified the stocking and management processes for store staff. Our approach not only optimized product visibility and accessibility but also enhanced the overall shopping experience, ensuring that Oneida's exquisite flatware collections stood out prominently in the retail space.


In the packaging phase, we embarked on a substantial undertaking, creating a versatile packaging template that catered to over 60 unique SKUs, including gift boxes and carded items. This comprehensive approach not only ensured a cohesive and visually appealing brand presence across the product line but also streamlined production, making it cost-effective and efficient. Additionally, our team handled all aspects of the packaging process, from copywriting that conveyed the product's unique selling points to professional photography that showcased the elegance and quality of Oneida's offerings.


Through our strategic packaging design, versatile merchandising solutions for Kohl's, and engaging photography, we enhanced Oneida's brand presence and marketability. The packaging templates and merchandising displays streamlined operations and improved the shopping experience, while our carefully crafted photography brought the elegance and functionality of their products to life. This holistic approach contributed to increased brand recognition and customer engagement, solidifying Oneida's position as a top choice in cutlery and flatware.